Aerial Footage in Training Videos

2014 was the year of the Drone, it was the year that saw drones really start to come into their own for wide variety of applications. For us in video production it’s meant adding steady, high quality aerial shots was no longer the exclusive domain of large budget film and TVC productions.

A Health & Safety training video is not somewhere you might usually expect to see aerial footage, but a recent project that I put together for the Tatua Co-Operative Dairy Company employed a number of aerial shots to great effect.

The Aerial shots were used for identifying locations of places like Evacuation assembly points, the smoking area, car parking locations, the location of specific production facilities and other areas of interest that were covered in the video.

The aerial footage used throughout the video also provided some additional visual interest, and served to give the viewer a fuller understanding of the company in terms of it’s physical size and space.

So if you’re planning Training or Educational video and you have a modest sized budget some aerial footage could be just what you need to enhance both the clarity and interest of the video.

Aerial-Shot-2 Aerial-Shot-1Aerial-Shot-3