Educational Video Production

Educational Videos

Video is a great tool for use in education, and with high speed Internet the possibilities for educational video content become even more exciting… A global reach and huge potential for scalability.

A quality Educational Video needs to both deliver the information clearly and concisely to the viewer in a language they can relate to, as well as engage the viewers natural desire to learn.

There are many different approaches that a video can take to achieve these goals and what will work well for your subject will depend on the intended audience, the delivery method and the resources you have available.

VideoKraft is a great partner for the production of Educational Video content, whether it’s Educational DVD’s that you need, or video content that will be used online.

Learning Management System (LMS) Content

Learning Management systems provide students with their online learning content and assessments.

Video plays an important role in a Learning Management System, adding engagement and clarity to the course content. It also helps make the connection between the student’s online environment and the real world.

Recorded Lectures, Role Plays, Guided Tutorials, Interviews with Industry Experts as well as specifically created Educational Video content are some of the many possibilities for using video on a Learning Management System.