Health and Safety Videos

Health and Safety Inductions

Health and Safety VideosUsing video for as part of Health and Safety inductions offers 4 key benefits.

1. Frees up time and resources for trainers who would otherwise be required to complete the individual inductions.

2. Greater Clarity and Engagement. Video can give meaning and context to an induction in a way that words on a page in a written manual just can’t do.

3. Standardises the induction process giving consistency for all workers.

4. Delivering the video online allows the induction to take place anywhere, potentially even before the employee or contractor arrives for their first day at work.

Quality Management Systems Videos

Quality Systems Management VideosQuality Systems Management is another area where training with the use of video offers the same key benefits listed above for Health and Safety Videos.

Quality systems management is a critical area to get right for any company, especially within the food production industry in New Zealand.

Using video training for quality control ensures the message and tone is consistent for all workers, and in turn helps to develop a healthy company culture around quality management.