Training Video Production

Training Videos

VideoKraft has a wealth of experience creating video training material for New Zealand Corporation, Businesses and Organisations.

Using Video to supplement or replace training manuals is an effective way to give the material immediate relevancy to the viewer.

Company Inductions, Health and Safety, and Technical Video Guides are all areas where video can play an important role in communicating the necessary information clearly and effectively.

Online video training also enables cost effective training for retailers and others outside your company who play a role in selling on your behalf, as well as for employees working in the field who may need the information on hand.

People no longer need to be in the same room, city, or even the same country to benefit from online video training.

Internal Video Communication

Juggling schedules within a large business or corporation so that everyone who needs the information can be in the same room at the same time, can be a real challenge.

Having the event videoed and made available for viewing at a later date offers a “next best thing” option for those who just can’t make it on the day… but beyond this if getting all the people who need the information together is either completely financially or physically unachievable then why not create a video communication tool specifically for the task?

Video communication can be used in the business and corporate world for…

  • Recording Training Events.
  • Creating Video Tutorials and Technical Guides.
  • Company induction Videos.
  • Recording important Conferences & Meetings.
  • Communicating important Corporate level decisions to company employees.
  • Company video blogs.